Saturday, May 7, 2011

Subvert the traditional battery manufacturing technology, the isotope battery is the continuation of the journey of the note-book in 30 years

The research laboratory of U.S.A.’s aerodynamic force develops the new note-book battery Betavoltaic Battery recently. This battery was broken in the past the routine battery produced the way, its material and radiated the isotope to make up by the semiconductor. When radiating the isotope and decaying, ion released can be converted to the electric energy, thus reach the function of supplying power for the note-book.

It is isotopic damping period is getting longer very one pieces course, electric energy that be produced can from quality of Einstein can equation E =MC ^ 2 calculate, so use and radiate the battery flight duration made of the isotope may be for more than 30 years, this is now the battery made of the chemical material can not reach absolutely. Meanwhile, semiconductor and radiate battery that isotope make into, can be reduced at the weight and volume greatly too, adopt note-book and other portable equipment of Betavoltaic Battery light to help people carry further while being thin.

In addition, it is a great characteristic of Betavoltaic Battery too that the calorific power is small. Compared with chemical cell used at present, the calorific power of Betavoltaic Battery can be ignored, this very good problem of a calorific power of settlement note.

In addition, it is the energy that Betavoltaic Battery can totally exhaust its inside, the residual part is totally inert, harmless material, this accords with the at present popular green environment protective idea very much.

Expert show, study, make progress, the the intersection of technology and 2 future, put market into, use formally 3 year.


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