Monday, May 9, 2011

Omron and Shanghai Communications University jointly hold the sensory and international forum of control technique on the fifth

" sensory on the fifth and international forum of control technique " Omron research and development centre holds in Shanghai. This forum is jointly held by Omron company and Shanghai Communications University, come from Omron group, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Communications University, Tsing-Hua University, Xi’an Communications University, Zhejiang University and Japan set up the university of life hall in inner " sensory and control " The expert in the field, the scholar exchanges and canvasses their own front scientific and technical results each other, " feel the world and predict the future " together . This forum has already become " Production, learning and research " " cooperate, innovate " Platform.

Last question forum Luo from Chinese Academy of Sciences at first Professor as ” The micro-system sums up and employs with the challenge in the future ” Fundamental key lecture,last base plate application of tutoring system where the checkout systems adjust. Come from Japan’s setting up the department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of science and engineering of 饀 niversity of the life, Tsing-Hua University, Shanghai Communications University, Xi’an Communications University, the professors of every university such as Zhejiang University are from the infrared imaging technology to MEMS of group separately too, study and expanding, the special high light object one in vision of human face 3D reproduce vision model in shape restoration, photographic image analysis, fabric lamination distortion ( Interfere with) And the textile has introduced their latest research results as the angle such as subregion method, have achieved the purpose of exchanging each other, information sharing. Finally, the company representative of Omron published Omron Company in China ” the association creates ” Strategy and the whole world research and develop strategy.

It last association and last centre June this year with ” Cooperate, innovate ” (Collaborative Innovation) It is a unique management mode, namely with the key technology ” sensory and control ” of Omron Based on technology, the independent organization of the cooperation relation of establishing and is complemental with cooperative partner’s advantage, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. Enterprises and the university establish the association to achieve the relation, success that it is production, learning and research is interdynamic. To enterprise, outstanding talent and research and development ability of the school can upgrade technology; To university, can understand the latest technological tendency from the industrial circle directly, also favorable to the industrialization of the research results of the school, the school studies marketization, make science and technology turn into productivity directly; The school and cooperation of enterprises have offered to student and accumulated the empirical chance of the work, enter the society for them and lay a solid foundation.

Omron ( China) Chairman of limited company and concurrently gentleman of favourable under the general manager mountain show: “As the strategy of Omron Company ’ shifts gears to raise speed ‘, realize in an important step of the second phase of development in China, we will continue strengthening the communication and cooperation with the Chinese famous university or research institution of China, thus is strengthening the efforts that we are researching and developing in China’s localization constantly. It is China area that Omron Shanghai that completes in June of this year researches and develops the association and creates the centre ” Shift gears and raise speed ” The last large-scale investment project of the tactics. This centre will become the second global research and development centre after the Japanese research and development centre with key technology, bearing the great duty. We hope that there is more one on this open platform to be brand-new ” The association creates ” The project is arisen, with more universities, the research institution carries on interdynamically and exchanging, it is genuine to realize ” Production, learning and research ” Integrate, while promoting enterprises and the common progress of the educational research institution, create new social demand and value. ”


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